1. Start blogs because someone made a joke that we should

Shit Cotitas Do. What is that even?

Apparently, it’s a lot of stuff. We’ve been reliably informed that being Cotitas, we don’t even have any idea of how much we do that might make someone pause for a moment, take it in, realize who they’re dealing with and then respond, “Oh. Of course.”

It’s strange but also cool.

This blog idea started as a joke but then the joke persisted and more people heard it and said, “Yeah, that should probably be a real thing.”

So here we are. Doing shit.

Like starting a blog about other crap we might have done or possibly will do in the future. That’s the first thing in what promises to be a long list of things. I know. Someone clearly needed to be documenting all the excitement, and now it’s actually going to happen.